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Want to help Virginia NORML in the war against cannabis prohibition?  Check the following list below or contact us for more information.


Volunteering for NORML is fun, rewarding, and most importantly vital to the cause. Volunteers are a major role in changing laws and spreading public awareness. Sign up to join our volunteer team!

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Contact Your State and Local Legislators! 

It is so important to let the lawmakers know that marijuana law reform is a priority issue to Virginia voters, and urge them to endorse reform legislation!

We need everyone to call, email or write their delegates.  Remember, we elected them to be our voice in the issues that matter and we want that voice to come through loud and clear.  Ever think "what good will my email do, it probably won't even get read" or "why bother calling, I'll just end up leaving a message in a bottomless voice mail box"?  Every elected official maintains a staff dedicated to public relations and constituent concerns. Why? Because elected officials want to be sure to endorse legislation that carries the greatest vote potential.

So just do it!  Be counted!  Virginia NORML supports those officials who support legislation to reform marijuana laws.  




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